Talks and Workshops

An incomplete list of talks and workshops I have given:


‘Wardley Mapping a Ramen Shop’, 15-minute workshop run four times at Runpath internal showcase event, 4 December

‘The embodiment of emotions’, mini-lightning talk at SoCraTes BE, 15 November

‘A fight, a book, and a lesson’, lightning talk at SoCraTes BE, 15 November

‘Code Smells Quiz Game’: evening activity at SoCraTes BE, co-facilitated with Pedro Santos, 15 November

‘Let’s Look Beyond Now’, lightning talk at SoCraTes UK

‘Bells and Algorithms’, back by popular demand at SoCraTes UK

Co-facilitator at SoCraTes UK, 6–8 June


Facilitator at One Day Open Space in London, 12 May

‘Beyond SOLID’: group discussion at One Day Open Space, 12 May

‘Intersection of Software and Other Disciplines’: group discussion at One Day Open Space, 12 May

Unit Testing the Hard Stuff’: demo talk at European Testing Conference, 20 February

‘Unit Testing the Hard Stuff’: talk at Codurance internal Open Space day, 26 January


‘Bells and Algorithms’: workshop at SoCraTes BE, 11 November, facilitated with Amélie Cornélis

‘Tell me your Favourite Testing Patterns’: group discussion at SoCraTes BE, 10 November

Facilitator at SoCraTes UK, 15–18 June

‘Bells and Algorithms’: lightning talk and workshop at SoCraTes UK, 16, 17 June

Facilitator at Codurance internal Open Space, 26 May

‘Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare’: lightning talk at Codurance internal catch-up

Facilitator at LSCC Open Space, 4 March

‘Hacking Authority’: talk at Agile on the Bench, 1 February

‘Hacking Authority’: talk and group discussion at Codurance internal catch-up, 24 January


‘Hacking Authority’: talk at Queer Code London, 10 December

‘They’: lightning talk on gender neutral language at SoCraTes BE, 16–17 September

‘Hacking Authority’: workshop at SoCraTes BE, 16–17 September

‘Notes on Authority’: lightning talk at Codurance internal catch-up, Summer

‘Complex Refactoring in Simple Steps’: live coding session as part of ASOS internal tech series

‘Complex Refactoring in Simple Steps’: live coding session at SoCraTes UK, 3–4 June

‘A Talk about a T-Shirt’: lightning talk on women composers and diversity in tech, SoCraTes UK, 3–4 June


‘Theory of Constraints’: ignite talk at Guardian internal event, December


‘How (not) to do Integration Testing’: talk at Extreme Programmers London, 22 September

‘How (not) to do Integration Testing’: talk at 7digital internal knowledge sharing