Response to Islington’s consultation on Bunhill Row

Islington are consulting on continuing the cycle contraflow down the whole length of Bunhill Row. This is a road I use frequently, so I have given my response:

I live in Shepherd’s Bush and work on Scrutton Street in Shoreditch, just over the border in Hackney.

I commute to and from work by bike, and really appreciate the good cycle route along Skinner and Lever Streets, which I always use when I approach Shoreditch from Bloomsbury, and its continuation to the top of Bunhill Row, which means I can avoid the unpleasant gyratory at Old Street roundabout.

A southbound continuation of the route along Bunhill Row would provide an invaluable missing link, letting cyclists approach the city without having to negotiate Finsbury Square and Moorgate, which are poorly laid out for cyclists at the best of times, and really nasty at the moment, thanks to the Crossrail works. Moorgate was the site of a the recent death of a highly experienced cycle courier, which says something about the hazards of this particular stretch of road; a convenient back-street cycle route would help mitigate the poor infrastructure on these trunk roads.

Your proposals look excellent, and I wholeheartedly support them.



PS, while I am commenting on infrastructure in this area, could I voice my dislike of the cycle-pedestrian crossing of City Road between Featherstone Street and Leonard Street. Cyclists are expected to wait for the lights on the pavement, and then cross the road simultaneously with pedestrians, while moving diagonally across their path; this means that the crossing is unpleasant for both cyclists and pedestrians to use, as no one is clear who is moving in which direction. I would strongly suggest you look into altering this crossing — separating cyclists from pedestrians either physically or in time — to reduce this conflict.

If you use this road, please respond to their consultation.

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