Advent Sketches

It’s Advent, which means it’s time for advent calendars. The rather wonderful 24 ways is now in its 6th year, FontDock are giving away free web fonts on their nattily named Adfont Calendar, and the London Sinfonietta’s Digital Christmas Countdown is giving us a daily dose of new music.

I thought I would do my best to join in, and set myself a challenge beyond drinking mulled wine and trying not to go arse-over-tit on the ice. And so the plan is to write 24 miniature pieces for piano, and post them on this site.

So here is sketch number one: all 7 bars of it:

Advent Sketches : I ; score excerpt

Download Advent Sketches : I (pdf)

Updated 4 xii 2010 with various small revisions.

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